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Fem Harry slaveharrypotterfanfiction.

Fanfics where fem Harry Potter is a sex slave or other female characters are raped and preferably treated like shit to. I do not condone any of this it is just something I enjoy reading. 1 comment. and I am looking for some good slash any Black x Harry fanfic. Orion x Harry, Regulus x Harry, Alphard x Harry, Arcturus x Harry. Chapter Text. Harry Potter and the Slaves By Dragen. Beta Read by Captain Len And Daisy Brand AKA Drusilla/Cybachiq ‘Thoughts’ Disclaimer: Now, let’s get this out of the way before we start the story. This story is partially inspired by 'Slaves of Harry Potter' by James master. Great Hall, Hogwarts, breakfast. Harry entered the Great Hall as per usual, and moved to sit with Hermione and Neville who he had befriended after he realized that Ron was a horrible friend.

Summary: After Vernon dies from a heart-attack when Harry is four, his Aunt Petunia reveals the truth; Vernon had been abusive since Harry first stayed with them, and had groomed his son into a mini-me; another abusive male – as a result, Petunia drops him off at. This is a fem harry reading the books fic. hope you all enjoy. This is a fem harry potter X Charlie Weasley story. Add to library 506 Discussion 384 Browse more Fanfiction Harry Potter Romance. Add to library 11 Discussion 2 Browse more Fanfiction Harry Potter Romance Short Stories.

14/06/2017 · This fic is no longer in the archive, and I can only presume it's been deleted. I'd need an approximate date of when it was hidden, since the timeframe for the first inquiry turned up nothing. To address the second part of the question, moderators do not edit story information. Trying to work out where she will fit in this strange new world, she must help stop Evil rising once more before it consumes everything. Fem!Harry, Femslash, Good but Gray Isis, Isis/ small Harem. Categories: Main Character is. > Female Harry, Harem/Multi pairing > Harem Stories, Powerful > Powerful, Crossovers > HP/Star Wars. These are stories that feature Harry involved in a polygamy relationships. Title Author Categories Site; 1. HP and the Return of the Valkyrie: udderpd: Harry Potter. But Harry — Harry, whose father was brave enough to face Voldemort head on, whose mother was brilliant enough to outsmart him, Harry, who has Lannister blood running through her veins and magic purring under her skin — Harry will reshape it all the same. Harry Potter fanfics with female domination. Request. Close. 12. Posted by. u/tan28. 3 years ago. Archived. Harry Potter fanfics with female domination. Request. i am searching for some fanfics where Harry should either become a slave to a girl by any means or should be submissive and follow a girl. 3. Fanfic - Hogwarts style! Join. Reddit.

Apple Ling's List: SlaveryOwnership - Fanfics featuring literal 'slavery' as the main theme and form of relationship. With one partner of the main pairing Owning the other through purchase, magical means or coercion. Role play Master and Slave sexual kinks may or may not be included. Or A previous non-consensual 'Master. They're Alive?! A Harry Potter Fanfic Fanfiction. James and Lily didn't die. They went to an all adults gathering when Voldemort attacked. Dumbledore took Harry away from them after he defeated Voldemort and told the couple that their son perished with the Dark Lord and Harry was left with the Durs. fanfic harry james lily potter. 04/02/2016 · Reading Harry Potter fanfiction is definitely one of the most interesting/ fcked up things I've ever done. I LOVE IT! Depending on how weird you are here'. When the saved hates the savior, magic demands justice and forms a slavery bond. Severus has saved Harry's life one too many times and the bond has formed, beyond anyone's power to dissolve.

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