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PS3 Outselling Xbox 360 in USA?

News and Anaylis reports hitting the web indicate that the Playstation 3 is on course to outsell the Xbox 360 for the first time since launch in the USA. Is it due to increased software or the new price point. More details inside..


PS3 Successful & PS2 outselling Wii

According to Jamie Macdonald, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, the PS3 is a great success and the PS2 is in fact outselling the Nintendo Wii, sounds like a war of words is on the cards. More details inside..


Ubisoft comment on PS3 development issues

Ubisofts Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 team have stepped up and are standing up for the PS3. Its not difficult to develop for, just needs a little getting used to, just as the Wii & Xbox 360 did. More details inside..


Clive Barkers Jericho snags God of War composer

Looks like Jericho just keeps getting better and better. Cris Velasco, composer for God of War I and II has stepped up and is composing the soundtrack for the new horror title due out in October. More details inside..

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NGI now Playstation only 

Find out why we decided to become a Sony Exclusive site.

Heavenly Sword Looks Amazing

One of the greatest visual experiences we have witnessed in a game. Find out more inside.

Japan wants Sony Titles Now

Looks like Sony are making huge waves over in the land of the rising sun. Nintendo better watch their backs.

PS3 Sales Skyrocket Worldwide

New price point, great games are all contributing to Sonys rise in the next gen market.

Time Crisis 4 only on PS3

Looks like the arcade smash hit will be an exclusive to Playstation 3, what more could you want?

Latest Irish Sales Charts

Wii still on top, PS3 rising, 360 faltering, and DS destroying everything in its path.

PS3 Price Cut on the way???

Could we see a price cut for the PS3 shortly. Many internet reports seem to think so.

Next Gen Ireland Hits 2 Million

We keep getting bigger and better and its all thanks to our loyal readers.

Mortal Kombat needs to Change

Armageddon certainly didnt rock, and Midway dont seem bothered, but if the franchise is to continue, it needs a drastic overhall, more inside.

Ea to control entire sports range?

EA are making a bid to be the only sports developer around. Good or bad thing? You decide!