God of War themed jericho


God of War composer set to create soundtrack for Codemasters Jericho

According to IGN.com, Jericho, Clive Barkers follow up to Undying has snagged one of the greatest games composers around to create an eerie and disturbing soundtrack to the upcoming horror title Jericho.

"Cris Velasco, composer for God of War I and II, has signed up to create the soundtrack for Clive Barker's Jericho, the supernatual horror shooter from Codemasters.

According to the publisher, Velasco was hand-picked by the famed horror author and has created "a haunting choral and cinematic orchestral score that enhances the game's epic, paranormal horror experience".

"Cris Velasco's music for Clive Barker's Jericho is exquisite," said Barker. "Filled with yearning, dark energy, threat and redemption, it is the unstoppable engine in the terrifying ghost train of Jericho."

Codemasters has also confirmed that Jericho will be released at the end of October - just in time for Halloween."