PS3 Successful, PS2 outsellings Wii??


Looks like the console wars are far from over, Jamie Macdonald, Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has come out fighting with some very strong words in relation to the PS3 success and how the PS2 is outselling the Wii in most markets "END OF", his words not ours :)

SPOnG: Moving on to talk more generally about PlayStation 3, which has had a pretty difficult gestation period over the last six months since launch in Europe, are there any parallels you can draw between the PS3 launch and the launches of the previous two machines?

Jamie Macdonald: Well, it’s interesting you should say that because from our point of view we have had a very successful launch. We’ve met all the sales targets we had. It’s outselling PS2 and PSOne at the same point [in their lifespans] by some margin. So, we’re very pleased.

SPOnG: Maybe one of the problems for Sony is that Wii has been such a phenomenon in terms of sales that there is perhaps a tendency for people to compare PS3 sales unfavourably with Wii.

Jamie Macdonald: Could I just point something out - that PlayStation 2 is still outselling Wii in all the major markets. End of story.

Wii is a great platform, don’t get me wrong, and as far as I’m concerned the more the merrier. The bigger the market we have for videogame entertainment, the better it is. But as far as Sony is concerned we are very happy with the sales of PlayStation 3 and we are very happy with the sales of PlayStation 2. In terms of our market share we’re doing very well.

Thems fighting words, round 1 is over, roll on round 2.