PS3 Review Oblivion


Reviewed by Tony Reilly 1st June 2007

Ok, first let me say that because this game is SOO huge and can take
upwards of 200 hours to complete, I haven't got round to finishing it
(even though I got it when I was originally launched on the Xbox360
last year).

So, for those of you who don't know what Oblivion is, it is a HUGE
RGP, but not in the old school sense of an RPG. There are no defined
"grid battles" that would define a classic RPG. The game is based in a
massive open world in which the actions of the players decide where
the story goes. The game is in First Person style as is the combat,
with Bow and Arrows and Swords being your main weapons of choice.

The character creation in Oblivion is second to none. You can choose
everything from your Race, Face to your characters sex. If you don't
have the time (or patience) to fine tune your appearance, you can
select from one of the ready made character. Personally I found the
character creation extremely fun and really added that extra "x"
factor to personalising the game experience. Speaking of game
experience, Oblivion offers an experience that just can not be
matched. Even though I've not actually finished it yet, it is a game
that I keep going back to again and again! You really don't know where
the game is going to take you. You can either follow the main story
line and finish the game (the main storyline being a final request by
the Emperor to find the heir to the thrown, his son), but by doing so,
you are really missing out on the "Oblivion" experience.


Pretty as a picture

By Oblivion Experience I mean there are so many side "missions" that you could(and I have) keep playing this game for months and months and get totally engrossed by it. As you wander round you will notice that the NPC (non playable characters) have lives of their own and go about
their business. Until you experience this for yourself, it's very hard
to describe, but it just adds such a level of depth to the game, that
it's not something I have ever experienced before. Overall, Oblivion
is one of the most engrossing and at the same time over whelming (and
the best possible way) experience available today on any system.

Now on to the graphics, as mentioned before, the Xbox360 version has
been about for some time now and while it is still one of the best
looking games on the 360 (Gears of War obviously tops that scale!),
the PS3 version of the game does look better. In the time between
releases it seem that Bethesda have had time to tweak the engine. The
draw distance is definitely better and things just look sharper
(although that could be down to the HMDI connection). In terms of
comparison to other PS3 titles out there, Oblivion is definitely one
of the better looking games (yes,  better looking than Resistance and
Motorstorm put together). Epic Views, amazing draw distances coupled
together with fine details up close and a beautiful lighting system
makes this a sight to behold.



Aurally, the game matches its visuals. The voice acting is, in a word,
brilliant. The most noticeable talents employed to lend their vocals
to the game, are none other than Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard (Aka. Patrick
Stewart) and Sean Bean. This truly is a production on a movie scale
and everything from the score to the above mentioned voice action only
goes to reinforce that fact.

So back to the question that comes up most often, What is Oblivion?
Well, Oblivion is one of the best gaming experiences available on any
system today. If you already have it on another system, could I
recommend you going out and buying it again for the PS3, honestly, no!
Not because its an inferior game, far from it, it's just that there is
not enough difference between the different version to warrant buying
it again. BUT, if you don't already own a copy of this and have you
shiny new PS3 sitting there, well, what are you doing reading this,
get out there and buy this game, it is a must have for your

Graphics 9.8
Audio 9.6
Gameplay 9.6
Replayability 9.5