Review Scores FAQ


Next Gen Ireland playtest games to an extensive degree to ensure that all scores given are as fair as possible. All scores are soley based on Next Gen Irelands epinions and do not include any outside influence. All game reviews are based relative to the platforms in question eg. Graphically games on the XBOX 360 are going to be better than on the Nintendo DS. If a game on the Nintendo DS scores  9.0 for graphics, this does not mean the graphics suprass that of a game score 8.5 on the XBOX 360.  Please see our outline below of our scoring index.


10 - 9.0

Superb. All games ranked in this category should be purchased immediately.

8.9 - 8.1

Very Good. Just shy of perfection, these games have a few issues that prevent them being superb.  Absolutely worth a Purchase.

8.0- 7.1

Good. Could have been much better with a little more effort. Renting these titles before a purchase is advised.


Average. Too many issues to be worthy of a purchase. Games ranked here should be only purchased with great caution.

6.0 - 5.1

Below Average. Not worthy of your time. Game feels rushed. Purchase is not advised.

5.0- 4.1

Bad. Do not purchse a title ranked here. Not worth your time or money.

4.0 - 3.1

Very Bad. No effort was put into these titles at all. Avoid at all costs

3.0 - 2.1

Awful. How these games got passed through Quality Control is beyond me. Avoid like the Plague.

2.0- 1.1

Rubbish. Not even a game, more like a designer coaster.

1.0 - 0.0

Disgraceful. Hopefully a game will never be released to warrent this score. An embarrassment to the developer.